Welcome to Noah X Arts! Art by Noah Xifr and representing the Symbolic Realism art movement. Symbolic Realism = Surrealism + Conceptual Art.
I discuss #SymbolicRealism #art #artist #creativity #curation #marketing #community #streetart share and enjoy!
Noah Xifr | Artist, Noah X Arts
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Video Feature - My #artists interview aired on Eyewitness News NY Channel 7 this Monday am in my new #art studio @chashama go to 1:14 
Rundown - 
1:15 while drawing plate 13 of Pain Full Ness 1 Voice Boxed (my latest graphic novel / artist book hybrid) you can see my latest red octo-bird painting behind me. 
1:19 close up of my penciling technique
1:23 voice over about co-working artist professional spaces.

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